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Kimberlie Ryan
Civil rights lawyer

Kimberlie's dedication and expertise are matched only by her compassion for her clients and her determination to help them seek justice. 

She uses a holistic approach in creating successful legal solutions designed specifically for her clients' unique circumstances.
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Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? 

In small places, close to home . . .

the factory, farm or office where he works . . .

unless these rights have meaning there,

they have little meaning anywhere.

Eleanor Roosevelt
United Nations Remarks 1953

We help workers.

Workers may need help when starting a new job, during the employment, or after the employment ends. 

Because federal and state laws are both diverse and complex, experienced legal counsel is a must. 

Kimberlie's employment law experience spans the field.

She negotiates complex and simple employment agreements, advises employees facing disciplinary actions, and handles cases of sexual harassment, sex discrimination and harassment based on sex, pregnancy, age, race, color, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, religion, medical marijuana patient discrimination, and retaliation.

Other areas of expertise include

Employment agreement drafting, reviewing, negotiating, advising

Challenging discrimination and harassment

Remedying Retaliation

Handling wrongful termination

Drafting, advising, and negotiating severance agreements

Challenging non-compete agreements

Bringing federal and state lawsuits

EEOC and CCRD Representation

United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission - EEOC

State of Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Civil Rights Division - CCRD

Sampling of Kimberlie's successful cases

Retaliation jury verdict.  Obtained $3.2 million jury verdict on behalf of two female employees in retaliation and sexual harassment lawsuit against car dealership.  Case was settled on appeal.

Race discrimination jury verdict.  Obtained $300,000 jury verdict in race harassment lawsuit against Sara Lee Corp, and the Court awarded attorneys' fees.  Case was settled on appeal.

National Origin Harassment. Negotiated $1.2 million settlement against national casino on behalf of 9 housekeepers in "English-Only" harassment and discrimination lawsuit, based on claims that company tried to force workers to speak English only and harassed them for speaking their native language, Spanish.

Sexual Orientation Discrimination.  Conciliated case involving claims of termination of a security guard who was fired by a national company because she spoke about her wife at work.  Obtained monetary relief and agreements from the company to include sexual orientation in company anti-discrimination policies nationwide.

Executive severance agreements.  Negotiated complex severance agreements involving stock options, non-compete issues, and bonus payments on behalf of Fortune 100 and 500 executives due to reorganization of departments, lay-offs, and/or age discrimination claims.

Disability harassment.  Represented client in grievance against library following several months of hostile work environment which resulted in false performance evaluation.  Negotiated transfer requested by client, reversal of evaluation, and obtained retroactive pay.  No lawsuit required.


Wrongful discharge of medical marijuana patient.  Negotiated confidential monetary settlement on behalf of medical marijuana cancer patient fired after innocent positive drug test following the exercise of Constitutionally-protected rights to treat debilitating condition with medical marijuana while undergoing chemotherapy treatments while on leave from work.


English-Only Harassment.  Filed EEOC charge of discrimination and federal lawsuit against against national food and beverage corporation and health care facility on behalf of 10 Latino housekeepers challenging unlawful harassment and Spanish-language ban in Dallas, Texas.  Negotiated confidential settlement.


Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment/Retaliation.  Obtained mid-six figure monetary award against a privately owned LLC for claims of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and retaliation.

Retaliation/Sex Discrimination.  Negotiated confidential settlement against national professional employer organization and financial services corporation after company fired female employee because of her complaints of sex discrimination.


Sexual Harassment. Obtained a six-figure settlement against federal agency with co-counsel in lawsuit alleging that a supervisor sexually harassed and assaulted a female employee with mental disability.


Sexual Assault. Obtained six-figure settlement against car dealership where female employee was sexually assaulted by a manager.


Pregnancy Discrimination and Retaliation. Obtained confidential settlement against mortgage company, after filing lawsuit alleging that the company had a "reduction in force" of one employee, the pregnant worker.


Sex Discrimination. Obtained confidential settlement against national automobile dealership, where the dealership discriminated against a female employee by terminating her employment while keeping male employees engaging in serious violations of company policies.  No lawsuit required.


Age Discrimination. Obtained pre-filing confidential settlement against national cable company alleging that male worker was selected for termination because of his age, over 40.

Retaliation.  Conciliated claim against multi-national corporation for firing female employee because she reported sexual harassment by a co-employee.  Company investigated and found the co-employee had sexually harassed her and other female employees.  Company demoted him and fired her based on false accusations against her.  Ms. Ryan obtained all lost wages, plus damages for attorneys' fees and waiver of punitive damages claim.  Company agreed to provide anti-retaliation training to all employees every year for five years and to certify its compliance for five years with the US EEOC.


Equal Pay. Challenged pay practices of one of the largest unions in country based on claims that union paid less to female employee than male employees performing the same work.  Obtained confidential settlement.


Retaliation. Obtained confidential settlement against mortgage company, where company fired female employee shortly after she had complained of discrimination on behalf of herself and another employee.


Intersectional Discrimination - Age/Sex.  Took on national law firm for  discrimination against female paralegal over the age of 40 based on claims that her attorney boss subjected her to sexual harassment and then retaliated against her after she reported it to the firm.  Obtained pre-filing confidential settlement.

National Origin Harassment and Retaliation.  Filed lawsuit against national construction company accused of tolerating known discrimination by supervisors of Hispanic employees, including racial slurs, physical threats, and discriminatory assignments. Obtained confidential settlement.


Breach of Contract. Filed arbitration complaint against national bank and finance company that allegedly wrongfully terminated employee’s contract before his bonus vested to avoid pay out of earned amounts.  Obtained post-filing confidential settlement.


Sanctions. Filed lawsuit against construction company and obtained judicial ruling assessing post-settlement sanctions against opposing counsel for blatant discovery abuses. Obtained confidential settlement of breach of contract claims.


Sexual orientation discrimination.  Negotiated confidential settlement for worker based on sexual orientation harassment, including derogatory slurs, disparate discipline, and wrongful termination.


Disability discrimination.  Negotiated pre-litigation confidential settlement for worker with visual impairment alleging wrongful lay off.


Religious discrimination.  Represented worker of Hindu faith fired following complaints of religious harassment and retaliation.  Filed lawsuit and obtained confidential settlement before trial.


Family and Medical Leave Act.  Negotiated confidential settlement for worker alleging retaliation for exercising rights to take FMLA leave to care for his wife who was undergoing surgery.

If you have an employment-related issue and believe our services could be of use, please contact our offices at to inquire about consultation.  This is just a sampling of successful cases Kim has handled.  Past results to not guarantee a particular result in other cases.