Kimberlie Ryan
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Employment Lawyer
Kimberlie Ryan

Ms. Ryan is a nationally recognized civil rights attorney and legal expert.

A serious advocate for her clients, she stays on the cutting edge of her field. 

Ms. Ryan founded Ryan Law Firm, LLC in 1998 to provide legal counsel to clients in a wide range of employment law matters. 

Since then, she has achieved noteworthy successes on behalf of workers and companies.
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Employment Law:

                                  An Essential Guide for Colorado Employers

By: Kimberlie K. Ryan

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If you have an employment law problem, a seasoned trial lawyer and litigator who knows the law is critical - especially in the ever-changing field of Employment Discrimination Law.

Kimberlie Ryan wrote the book on Employment Law. 

She also has a proven track record of successful trial verdicts and settlements, recovering millions of dollars for her clients in trials, negotiations, and mediations. 

Her work for her clients advances important purposes of the anti-discrimination laws:

* to provide relief to targets of workplace discrimination and harassment

* to deter violations by other individuals and employers

* to punish malicious or reckless disregard of the rights of others 

In addition to recovering monetary compensation for clients who have experienced losses because of employer discrimination or harassment, Kimberlie also has secured nationwide changes to employer policies through negotiated settlement agreements.

Many of Kimberlie's negotiated agreements provide legal protections for tens of thousands of workers who may never know they were impacted by the courage of her clients to stand up for their legal rights and the rights of others.  Kimberlie stands with them.

Trial Lawyer and Advisor

Kimberlie won one of the largest sexual harassment jury verdicts in Colorado history.

She also negotiated one of the largest national origin English-Only discrimination settlements in national history. 

Kimberlie has tried and litigated numerous noteworthy cases in her nearly twenty-year career as a civil rights employment attorney, including:

*  sexual assault and harassment

*  race-based hostile work environment

*  retaliation

*  illegal workplace English-only policies

*  pregnancy discrimination

*  wrongful termination

*  medical marijuana patient discrimination

*  age discrimination

*  disability harassment and discrimination

*  other federal, state, and local employment laws

Individuals and companies regularly call upon her for her expert representation and advice.

Scholar on the Cutting Edge 

Pioneering the frontiers of civil rights employment laws, Kimberlie successfully handles the newly emerging fields of:

*  Cyber-Discrimination

*  Workplace Rights and Cannabis / Marijuana


*  Evolving LGBT Workplace Rights

*  Electronic Discovery in Litigated Cases

In addition to these and other emerging areas, Kimberlie still regularly handles sexual harassment cases and other more traditional areas of employment law.

Legal Analyst and Author

As a regular Contributing Legal Analyst for NBC Affiliate KUSA 9NEWS in Denver, for nearly ten years Kimberlie consistently has provided expert legal analysis live from the 9NEWS Newsroom Information Center on breaking news and critical legal trends impacting businesses and workers. 

Kimberlie authored two comprehensive employment law books published by Bradford Publishing, Employment Law Guidebook and Employment Law: An Essential Guide for Human Resource Professionals.  She also writes two active employment law blogs, hosting Kimberlie Ryan's Hot Button Forum and authoring Bradford Publishing's Blog employment posts.

Speaker and Professor Ad Junct

A highly sought after speaker, groups regularly request Kimberlie to provide informative and content-rich presentations for conferences, seminars, and meetings of groups such as the American Bar Association, Federal Faculty of Advocates, National Employment Lawyers Association, Plaintiff Employment Lawyers Association, Labor Employment Relations Association, Society for Human Resource Professionals, Qwest, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws  (NORML), Colorado Bar Association, University of Denver Sturm College of Law, Metropolitan State University, Boulder County Bar Association, Denver Labor Law Forum, various chambers of commerce, and the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Technical Assistance Program

Advocate and Diplomat 

A fierce advocate for her clients, Kimberlie also knows the power of diplomacy.  A trained and certified mediator, she was first selected to serve as a mediator on the American Arbitration Association's Employment Mediation Panel, where she has successfully mediated several employment disputes. Workers and employers who previously had been embroiled in long-term employment disputes reached voluntary resolutions under Kimberlie's guidance.

  Passion for Human Equality and Dignity

Human dignity and a passion for equal rights has driven Kimberlie to dedicate her professional life to the quest for equal rights for humanity. 

She has achieved great successes both inside and outside the courtroom.  She continues to make peace wherever possible. 

Whether in trial, mediation, negotiation, arbitration, in state or federal courts, or in civil rights regulatory agencies, Kimberlie fights for her clients' best interests.  She can be contacted at